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Who Holds Florida School Districts Accountable?

On May 12 Boca News Now reported that a second grader hacked Palm Beach County School District’s student password system.  This isn’t the first time a Florida school system has had problems with security.  In 2018 Florida Virtual Schools “left the … Continue reading

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Was Angelina Jolie Elected To Hillsborough County School Board?

A Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) website posted a picture of Jolie as one of its school board members!  Maybe we can get an autograph if we attend a school board meeting! Is this a joke? Was the website hacked? … Continue reading

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Teachers, Parents, Countrymen: How Much of Your Personal Data Does the School District Share?

I wondered how much data Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) shares. What I found was the below excerpt in an agreement that HCPS has with a third party. The document was obtained through a public records request. “Recipient” is a … Continue reading

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Who Has Your Kid’s Data?

Below is a story written by a mom in central Florida about an under-reported and growing problem in public schools.  She is sharing this story to bring attention to the lack of control parents have over protecting their children’s privacy … Continue reading

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FBI Alert Encourages Increased Awareness of Student Data Collection and Cybersecurity Risks: Hillsborough Schools – Let’s Talk About It

On September 13, 2018 the FBI released a public service announcement (PSA) and noted: US school systems’ rapid growth of education technologies (EdTech) and widespread collection of student data could have privacy and safety implications if compromised or exploited. The … Continue reading

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How Many Schools Leave Their Digital Doors Open and Expose Private Data or Get Data Duped?

According to a Politico article from March 2018, there was a major data breach of personal information at Florida Virtual School (FLVS).  While Florida Virtual School claimed they were hacked, the article notes two different people who explained that FLVS … Continue reading

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Will Your Kid’s School Data be the Next Privacy Breach?

The Facebook Data Privacy problem is bad, but it didn’t necessarily include very personal information collected by your child’s school district.  One product heavily engaged in student data collection that includes social networking and learning analytics is Edsby.  Edsby is … Continue reading

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